Town of Milton, Comprehensive PLan

The Town of Milton is currently updating its Comprehensive Plan. Also called a master plan, it is a document that provides direction in making land use, development, and other long-range planning decisions in the Town.  With input from the community, it helps local decision-makers take a look at where the community has been, where it wants to go, and how it can get there.

The Comprehensive Plan Committee invites you to share your insights and experiences in the Town of Milton and what you would like to see for its future. Join us at the Town of Milton Community Center, 6:30 PM on Tuesday, June 18.

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Click here to be taken to the US Census Bureau web site with Milton’s demographics like population, housing, economy and more!

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Click Here to Read through the archive of previous plans and studies that have helped to inform comprehensive planning. Download a PDF of the current comprehensive plan from 2012.

On January 3, 2024, the Town Board created the Comprehensive Plan Committee, which will guide the planning process. Click here to meet them.

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